Camilla Vest: Objects Of

Tell us a little about yourself and your brand/work: 

I'm originally from Copenhagen, Denmark and moved to New York in 1995 to start an International modeling career. I have always enjoyed collecting beautiful objects on my endless modeling trips and decided to start my own agency OBJECTS two years ago. We represent a carefully curated collection of Nordic furniture brands in our Brooklyn based showroom. 


Where are you based: Brooklyn, New York. 

How did you get your start in your industry? Have you always been in your profession?:
I started modelling when I was 16 and moved to New York in 1995. Through traveling the world I have always been very inspired by my surroundings and design in general. Also being Danish, I think its natural to have a passion for design classics and I've actually been collecting pieces since I was really young - I actually bought my fist PK22 when I was 18. Around 5 years ago I got the opportunity to start representing several Danish brands in North America so in 2014 I co-founded
 Goods We Love and in 2017 I decided to launch Objects. 

When did you decide to go out on your own?  Will you tell us a little bit about that time for you? : 
Working as a model I have always been working for myself in a way, so I think the idea of going out on my own has always been in my blood. This combined with my Scandinavian aesthetics's and having a passion for design living in New York with my large network here made it seemed very natural for me to choose this path. I've enjoyed every moment of it; but of course there has also been a lot of learning by doing which was for sure challenging in the beginning. Keeping a positive attitude and loving what you do automatically attracts great people and I feel this energy is transferred to our partners as well - a big part of our concept is maintaining great business relations and creating long lasting partnerships. 

What advice would you give to your younger self now? 
That learning by doing is inevitable and that It's ok to not always be in control and not always have the right answer immediately. 

What advice do you give yourself daily? 
I ensure to plan my day so that there is some kind of structure otherwise it can be stressful. When running your own business its essential to be able to give yourself breaks as there will always be something you can work on. I have two children who are 15 and 9 years old and I really prioritize quality time with my family. With that said I love the freedom in what I do which allows me to be able to switch on and off from work as I work on so many levels throughout the day. 

Does anything come to mind that you would want to share with young entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business? 
Follow your passion, know your strengths and be willing to do things that perhaps wouldn't immediately seem like things you would prioritize or even enjoy doing! Also, in periods when everything can seem turbulent, regardless of what business you are in, it's important to feed your mind with creativity alongside staying active. 

Describe your design ethos: 
Our design philosophy at Objects is that minimalism isn’t the lack of something but the perfect amount of something. I believe that less is more and it’s important to invest in unique pieces and create an atmosphere in your home that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. 

How would you describe your personal style and what 1920 style do you think represents that best?
Mostly I dress very casually so I love the Women's Raglan Sweatshirt in black, it fits really well with my everyday look, but you can also easily dress it up with a pair of silk pants and high heels. I love that about it. 

What inspires you most about what you are doing? 
I find it very inspiring to represent our brands on so many different levels. From partnering with great retailers and design specialists to curating our own images and materials and thereby sharing the different brand stories and inspire a touch of Scandinavian living. 

Words to live by: 
"Fill Space in a beautiful way" - Georgia O'Keeffe

Anything else you want to add? 
Always remember to stay true to yourself.