Hand-Dyed Muscle Tee

Hand-Dyed Muscle Tee

We have given our best-selling muscle tee a refresh for summer. Hand-dyed by natural dyer and artisan Cara Marie Piazza in her Brooklyn studio, each piece is 100% natural and made exclusively for 1920.

Hand Wash Cold or Delicate Cycle with an ecological Soap. Colors can fade if exposed to excessive sunlight. Please avoid contact with acidity. Colors will change and morph with time ensuring your piece is something unique and special to you. What makes us different makes us beautiful.
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"I chose cochineal, acids, rust and oak apple tannins because of the way they create cosmic interventions by playing simply with pH. They also represent all of the elements. Cochineal is animal, primal. Oak apples connect you to earth, they're grounding and represent boundaries and warmth. The oak wasp lays its egg in the oak tree, then when the wasps emerge the nuts fall providing us with symbiotic nutrient rich tannin. Rust or Metals and acid and water."

Cara Maria Piazza



Made in NYC.
Fabrics are made and dyed in Los Angeles.
100% Cotton.

Care for garments like your friends, cold water and gentle washing.